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Workshop terms and conditions


1: Applicability
1.1 The general terms and conditions apply to all workshops organized by De Lingerie Academie and recognized teachers of De Lingerie Academie.


2: Enrollments
2.1 All workshops are given subject to sufficient registrations.
2.2 You can register via the website or via the location where the workshop is organized. Registration is only final after payment of the full amount to the teacher who organizes the workshop.
2.3 As soon as a workshop is full, online registration will be stopped.
2.4 By registering for a workshop you agree to the terms and conditions.


3: Materials
3.1 When following a workshop, the materials and supplies are not included, unless stated otherwise.
3.1 During a workshop, only materials and supplies that are purchased from the teacher or the workshop location (in consultation with the teacher) are allowed.


4: Cancellation by a participant
4.1 Cancellation must be done by e-mail to the organizing teacher (in reply to the confirmation e-mail you received after registration).
4.2 Canceling for a workshop or course:
If canceled up to 7 days before the start date, € 10 administration costs will be charged.
In case of cancellation from 7 days before the start date, 100% of the participation fee will be charged.
If you do not appear during the workshop, no money will be refunded.
4.3 Looking for a replacement for the workshop yourself is allowed, provided that you communicate the details of the new participant in advance.
4.4 In the event of absence due to illness or quarantine, the participation fee will not be refunded, but you can catch up with the workshop at another time, in consultation, after submitting a medical certificate.
4.5 During exceptional situations (pandemic, exceptional weather conditions, ...) we adhere to the rules imposed by the government. This means that workshops will only be reimbursed if the government obliges us to stop our operation.


5: Cancellation by De Lingerie Academie
5.1 De Lingerie Academie reserves the right to cancel a workshop at any time. In that case, the registration fee will be refunded to the customer. The cancellation of a workshop cannot give rise to any right to compensation on the part of the customer.


6: Liability
6.1 De Lingerie Academie accepts no liability for personal injury or damage to the property of participants, nor any liability as a result of events during the workshop.
6.2 De Lingerie Academie cannot be held liable for soiling or damaging clothing during the workshop.


7: Course and visual material

7.1 Courses, patterns, and images are protected by copyright and may under no circumstances be copied, reproduced, or multiplied and made public.
7.2 Taking photos of the different steps as support is allowed, but only for personal use, these photos may not be shared further under any circumstances. Photos of results may be shared.
7.3 During the workshops, photos are occasionally taken, you will always be informed of this and if you are recognizable in the photo, your verbal permission will be requested.

8: Duration of the workshops

8.1 The duration of the workshops is tailored to that of average seamstresses. If your tempo is slower, you may not complete the piece in the allotted time. We take this into account during the workshops and guarantee that every student sees all the necessary information and techniques for the model for which they registered, within the allotted time. If you are not finished during the workshop, you can finish the piece at home on your own with the knowledge you have gained. 


9: Complaints

9.1 If you have a complaint about a workshop, you can always send it to us by email to . We will review this complaint and try to resolve it for you if justified.
9.2 A complaint is not a reason for a refund of the workshop.
9.3 Participants who cause a nuisance during a workshop or course can be refused or removed during the workshop or course. The participant will not receive any compensation or refund.

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